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In 46 years, we’ve seen a lot of faces here at the Arts Center of the Ozarks---faces of people who wanted to entertain; faces of people who wanted to learn; faces of people who wanted to make the ACO a vital part of the community. Here comes a new face in honor of all of you!

 You may not realize we have been in our current ACO home for over 18 years. Just like our own homes, our ACO home has need for major repairs: the heat and air conditioning units are unreliable and some beyond repair, the roof is leaking, the set storage building is crumbling and home to an array of wildlife, the theatre curtains are thread-bare, and some theatre seats are broken. In addition, other important areas are in need of updating and refurbishing like the floors, the gallery lighting, the kitchen, the classrooms, the exterior façade, and parking.


We’re so glad that ACO patrons and friends have overlooked the growing problems, and still been supportive and in attendance!. Thanks to all of you who wore your coats to keep warm in the theatre during last month’s production of “Dial M for Murder”; who overlook the unsightly warehouses next door when you arrive; who don’t notice the stained ceiling tile overhead; who know that inside the ACO’s big white box there’s a lot of color and creation going on!

A $1,000,000.00 ReVitalization Project is underway. This project will replace failing mechanical systems, roofs, and creative equipment; refurbish interior spaces; demolish deteriorating warehouses; create parking/green spaces; and add an attractive exterior surface to the complex. The ACO will be energy-efficient, attractive, and ready for the future! 

Get ready to see a sparkling, refreshed ACO this year.

It's going to be a great 46th season, and a great new beginning! 


What the ACO ReVITALIZATION Project Will Do    

nappy-buildingHere’s a look at the specific goals for the ACO ReVitalization Project-- all meant to make the ACO bright and efficient and still a source of creative energy! You can see there are plans to accomplish a lot! We’ll be making every dollar go as far as possible to attain this rejuvenation! And so many of these changes will save not only energy, but operating funds as well—a great direction for the ACO’s next 46 years! 


  • Demolition of adjacent warehouses and conversion to accessible parking facilities and green space, visually tying with the NWA Trail Project in the downtown area.
  • Addition of an attractive exterior façade, eliminated from the 1993 building project to save funds.  
  • Replacement of all HVAC units with energy-efficient, cost-saving units.
  • Repair of roof system to eliminate leakage/ current damage and cut costs.
  • Replacement/upgrade of theatre lighting system, sound system, curtains, seating, flooring, all nearly 19 years old and failing / disintegrating.
  • Replacement of flooring, fixtures, lighting, cabinetry in the galleries, foyer, restrooms, classrooms, nearly 19 years old. 
  • Replacement of concession/catering kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring.
  • Replacement of administrative desks, chairs, flooring, ticket printer, all nearly 19 years old.
  • Refurbishment of green room/dressing rooms areas flooring, seating, walls, counters, fixtures.

Now The ACO Needs You!

The ACO Board of Directors is now launching a public campaign to support this project. Thanks to a generous matching grant from the Walton Family Foundation, a match grant from the Walker Foundation, and kind contributions from a special group of private individuals and families, we’re over three-quarters of the way there. Now we are turning to you as people who come, who enjoy, who create. We need your financial support to finish this campaign. 

We will meet our first match deadline at the end of March. We’re now working to meet the second deadline on June 30th. We know this is a short amount of time to finish the campaign, but it can be done with your help. Every gift, every pledge, every dollar will make a difference!

Feel free to call or email us if you have questions or want to make a contribution over the phone. You may contribute by cash, check, credit card, or stocks for a one-time gift, scheduled giving or pledge for the future. Your generosity is the key to the ACO’s future.


Please consider being a part of the project. It’s your ACO!


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